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The front leg repairs include rebuilding the horse's right hoof. No, this isn't acupuncture. Here the seam and crack repairs are made with wood splints. The flowing mane on the back of the neck is discovered during stripping.

The last step is to repair all seam separations and cracks. These have to be cleaned as thoroughly as possible by using thin bladed tools, putty knives, razor blades, hack saws, etc., to loosen old glue, paint, dust and splintered wood. I clean out the areas with compressed air and wood glue is injected into the crevices. Wood shims are inserted, and care is taken not to apply too much pressure which can cause the wood to crack further. The wedges are later carved and sanded. With all the wood repairs completed, all that remains before painting is to apply wood filler where necessary and lightly sand the complete horse.
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