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In the business of restoring carousel figures for over 15 years, Restorations by Wolf Studios in Welcome, Maryland has become known for museum quality restorations at affordable prices. We are unique in that we are a complete in house restoration studio. Once your carousel figure reaches our facility, it does not leave until it is complete. All work, from hand stripping to wood repair and paint, is handled by us alone. Nothing is subcontracted. This ensures safe handling and a quality restoration of your valued collectable.

Since 1989, over 450 carousel figures have passed through our doors. Our restorations have been seen in the Merry Go Round Museum in Sandusky, Ohio and Knoebles Grove Park Museum in Elysburg, Pennsylvania. Figures we have restored have also been featured on 12 covers of the leading national magazine, the Carousel News and Trader. Our studio has been entrusted with some of the most valuable carousel figures in existence, by both operating carousels and distinguished collectors. We have restored an Illions armored signature jumper, one of only five known to exist, and an extremely rare Philadelphia Toboggan Company Hippocampus.   [more]

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